L&D INC. Layer & Device L&D INC. A leader in the technology market of
high-quality AIN compound
semiconductor material

L&D INC.Our Product

AlN-Template on Sapphire

For UVC LED & UVC Sensors

2inch AlN on Sapphire Template

2inch AlN on Sapphire Template

2inch AlGaN on AlN/Sapphire Template

2inch AlGaN on AlN/Sapphire Template

AIN on Sapphire 2”

2inch AlN on Sapphire Template

실사 이미지 사용
AIN on Sapphire 2”

2inch AlGaN on AlN/Sapphire Template

실사 이미지 사용
4inch AlN on Sapphire Template

4inch AlN on Sapphire Template

4inch AlN on SiC Template

4inch AlN on SiC Template

4inch AlN on Sapphire Template

4inch AlN on Sapphire Template

4inch AlN on Sapphire Template
4inch AlN on SiC Template”

4inch AlN on SiC Template

4inch AlN on SiC Template

High Performance

TEM Image

TEM Image

AFM Data

AFM Data

Our Technology

High temperature MOCVD design technology

Design of MOCVD, an essential equipment for epi-wafer manufacturing

L&D's Vision

GaN devicesGaN devices
GaN-Buffer layer

Commercial structure

GaN-Buffer layer


AIN-Buffer layer

L&D’s structure

AIN-Buffer layer

Uses of AIN-Template

Uses of AIN-Template Uses of AIN-Template

Key properties of AIN (vs. other materials)

Material Thermal Expansion Coefficient (ppm/°K) Thermal Conductivity (W/㎝·°K)
GaN : gallium nitride 5.6 1.3
AIN : aluminum nitride 4.3 2.8
Si(111) : silicon 3.6 1.5
SiC : silicon carbide 4.2 3.9
MOCVD System

MOCVD System

Batch size
8pcs/4” ,18pcs/2” (HT-MOCVD)
Growth temperature
1400°C or lower

about MOCVD

A type of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technologies forming a thin film over the surface of high temperature substrate

Patent registration and application status

Registration date Title of the rights Registration number
2014. 06 Multi Chamber Substrate Processing Apparatus using Robot for Transferring Substrate 10-1409752
2017. 08 Shower head and device for manufacturing a semiconductor substrate having the same 10-1765754
2021.11 Active semiconductor devices 10-2021-0156634
(Application number)


L&D Inc.

L&D Inc. is an epitaxial wafer specialist
founded by semiconductor experts
with more than 30 years of experience

Our goal is to become the market leader
with our expertise in compound semiconductor epi-wafers,
a key component in electronic devices
and UVC opto-devices, predicted to be in high demand.

Company profile

Company name
L&D Inc.
Core business

Manufacture of AIN-based compound semiconductor epi-wafers

Development of growth and manufacturing technologies of epitaxial wafers

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  • Headquarters
  • Research center

179, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 302 (Dajeon Startup Park)

80, Daehak-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea (Kyungpook National University, Daegu Campus. Semiconductor Research Bldg.)

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